Let's Try This Again


If I tried to put it all into words, I'm pretty sure I could type forever and a day. I'm not even sure I want to pick up writing again. I used to write all the time in journals about 20 years ago. Good old college journal days :)

So where to begin after so many years of letting life just run wild? It's not like those years aren't online somewhere. Between Facebook, multiple Twitter accounts (now both deleted), Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and now Mastodon, I'd say the better part of my life is still journaled somewhere or the other. My life has moved from a signle guy in Denton, TX to being a family man: father of three and a wife at my side. I gave up on Christianity a long time ago and I would consider my self a Taoist more than anything. I spent a few years studying under Master George Thompson online during the COVID years. Anyone of these topics could be it's own entry and maybe they should be at some point. 

I'd rather not just write about my every day life. It's my life, true, but why put that out there?Why do I feel the need like anyone is going to read this? Then again, sharing my life online seems to be much of what Ihave been doing my entire adult life. So why not? 

There are several parts of my life I've kept secret over the years or just between my wife or close friends. My sexuality, my marriage style, and other small things. I guess I was always afraid I would rock the boat. What if my mom found out? What if my friends found out? Would anyone care? Perhaps. But now I'm 40 years old and this is my time. It's the only time I have left and if my generation is going to be judged by what we leave online. Then let this be a part of my story. A place I call type anything and everything I want. To hell with anyone else. 

So, let's go.